ALTAIR Embedded controller module

Embedded module with Intel controller.

Key functionalities

    • PXA255
    • EEPROM for the storage of important data
    • Low power dissipation allows passive cooling
    • Small dimension (54mm x 44mm)
    • Minimum space requirements through the use of 14 layer circuit board

Lambda Control Unit (LCU)

The engine control unit, or LCU is the brains behind vintage-car's engine. It controls the engine operation through a number of software programs or "maps" that correspond to various aspects of the fuel system.

General Specifications

    • 16bit 80MHz CPU and dedicated injector drive system
    • PCB's Manufactured to Quality Standard ISO9002
    • Control up to xx auxiliary output pins with PWM, switched and dedicated functions for any possible requirement
    • Water resistance
    • Fast to install and quick to automatic tune

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